Table 2

Thematic tabulation of responses to the open-ended question ‘As a result of what I have learnt today, I intend to make the following changes to my practice that I believe will impact my patients’ care in a positive way’ (n=41/75, 54.7%)

Personal professional competence‘Detailed history taking and examination’
‘Systemic approach’
‘Holistic approach to patient care …early involvement of MDT …’
‘… Understanding of my limitations and when to involve senior support …’
‘… Early involvement of the specialty team if symptoms not improving’
‘Careful consideration of patients’ social histories and any management may affect this’
Specific clinical practice knowledge‘Timing on transfusion, the use of tranexamic acid and PPI infusion in GI bleeding …’
‘… management of COVID19’
‘… diabetic ketoacidosis in patient without compliance to insulin treatment’
‘… Being more COVID19 vigilant’