Table 2

Mismatch rates are the proportion of total patient days spent in the mismatch cohort out of all patient days (mismatch cohort plus Acute Care plus IICU Care) for a given department in the specified time period (created by the authors).

DepartmentBaseline mismatch ratePost-intervention mismatch rateChange in % mismatch patientsP value
Medical servicesHospital Medicine18%10%−8<0.0001
Cardiovascular Medicine25%16%−9<0.0001
Pulmonary and Critical Care22%9%−13<0.0001
Surgical servicesGeneral Surgery7%4%−3%<0.0001
Orthopaedic Surgery3%1%−2<0.0001
Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery17%12%−50.0902
  • Boldface indicates statistically significant values at 0.05 level.

  • IICU, intermediate intensive care unit.