Table 1

Reports of patients presenting with breast pain only

AuthorsYearnAgeBilat/Unilat (%)Cancers (n)Cancers/1000 ptsKnown concordantFU (months)BxsFH (%)
Duijm et al (NED)10199898710–8624/768 (0.8%)84 vs 448N/A
Barton et al (US-MA)11199916940–69N/A2 (1.2%)12N/A18
Leung et al (US-MA)1220059923–77Focal00N/A29232
Masroor et al (PAK)1320095534–63Focal000184N/A
Howard et al (US-MA)14201291660/406 (0.6%)63 vs 3126521
Leddy et al (US-SC)15201325712–85Focal3 (1.2%)123 vs 0122115
Noroozian et al (US-MI)16201561723–8819/812 (0.3%)31 vs 1242815
Arslan et al (TKY)17201678916–7460/401 (0.2%)2N/AN/A
Cho et al (US-NC)18201741323–86Focal0002451
Chetlen et al (US-PA)19201723618–83N/A1 (0.4%)4N/A2
Kushwaha et al (US-TX)20201879913–9226/711 (0.12%)10 vs 1241738
Fonseca et al21201979516–92N/A5 (0.6%)6NAN/A3117
UHDB (UK)202012517–83N/A0 (0%)00N/AN/A26
Total625629 (0.46%)4.611/20
Post 2000510019 (0.37%)3.77/12
  • Bilat, bilateral; Bxs, biopsies; FH, percentage patient with a family history; FU, follow-up; UHDB, University Hospitals of Derby and Burton; Unilat, unilateral.