Table 3

Factors and return to a primary task within 5 min

VariablesOR*95% CIP value
Increasing PGY status
 PGY-11 (reference)
 PGY-21.020.62 to 1.690.92
 PGY-31.130.76 to 1.680.54
 Male1 (reference)
 Female1.040.71 to 1.510.85
Average Sleep1.070.84 to 1.370.57
MTAT Score1.000.99 to 1.000.19
Interruption type
 Verbal by medical team, patient related1 (reference)
 Pager/phone, patient related0.670.38 to 1.170.16
 Personal/social related0.290.12 to 0.710.007
 Other clerical related0.440.11 to 1.800.26
 Patient/family in-person0.510.088 to 2.990.46
 Ward1 (reference)
 ED1.080.62 to 1.890.77
  • *Used a repeated model with multiple observations per participant.

  • ED, emergency department; MTAT, Multi-Tasking Ability Test; PGY, postgraduate year.