Table 2

Observation session data

VariablesMean/median (IQR*)P value
Hours observed per resident3.2/3.6 (1.4)N/A
Interruptions per resident per hour5.9/5.0 (4.3)N/A
Resumption interval (min)1.7/0.0† (0.6)N/A
Breakdown by hospital observation siteWardED
Interruptions per resident per hour5.7/4.1 (4.4)6.4/5.9 (3.1)0.30
Resumption interval (min)2.0/0.0 (0.7)1.0/0.0 (0.5)0.16
Interruption typeFrequency (%)
 Verbal by medical team, patient related139 (59%)73 (82%)<0.0001
 Pager/phone, patient related66 (28%)6 (7%)
 Personal/social related19 (8%)3 (3%)
 Other clerical related7 (3%)4 (5%)
 Patient/family in-person5 (2%)3 (3%)
  • *IQR, or the 75%tile−the 25%tile. Median and IQR are also reported as data were not normally distributed.

  • †A resumption interval of 0.0 min indicated immediate return to a prior task following an interruption.

  • ED, emergency department.