Table 2

Difference in scores in the tests without and with full personal protective equipment (FPPE)

TestVariableWithout FPPEWith FPPETest statisticP value
PVTAverage reaction time0.5229 s0.5742 s165<0.001
PVTMinimum reaction time0.4002 s0.4322 s283<0.001
PVTMaximum reaction time0.9875 s1.2211 s505>0.05
PVTAverage no of false responses0.220.36227<0.001
SSTTime to complete test40.838 s49.559 s240<0.001
SSTAverage no of errors1.041.38271<0.001
  • PVT, psychomotor vigilance test; SST, serial sevens test.