Table 3

Data challenges encountered while answering clinical questions

Project questions and data challenges encounteredChallenge 1: Are the data field(s) needed to answer the clinical question available in administrative databases?Challenge 2: If the data field needed to answer the clinical question is available, is the information complete and accurate?Challenge 3: Can the no of visits for a particular medical condition be accurately measured using administrative data?Challenge 4: Can laboratory tests across the province be identified, harmonised, and analysed?
Adult Diabetes
What proportion of patients seen in the outpatient Edmonton zone have a comorbidity?N/A
What is the breakdown of diabetes by diagnosis among the patients visiting the outpatient clinics in the Edmonton zone?N/AN/A
What are the processes of care for lab and biometric measurement at each of the diabetes clinics?N/A
How well are patients’ diabetes being managed including lipids, blood sugar control, blood pressure control, and renal protection?N/A
Paediatric Diabetic Ketoacidosis
What medications, fluids, and electrolytes are administered during admission for diabetic ketoacidosis?N/AN/A
Is care for diabetic ketoacidosis concordant with national diabetes guidelines?N/A
Adrenal Insufficiency
What is the 5-year period prevalence of adrenal insufficiency in Alberta, Canada?N/A
What is the rate of emergency room and outpatient healthcare utilisation among patients with adrenal insufficiency?N/A
Beta-Lactam Allergy and Surgical Prophylaxis
Are patients with a beta-lactam allergy receiving the correct antimicrobial prophylaxis in-hospital for their surgery according to guidelines?N/AN/AN/A
Are patients receiving antimicrobial prophylaxis within the guideline recommended time frame?N/AN/AN/A
Are patients receiving postoperative prophylaxis in accordance with local guidelines?N/AN/AN/A
  • ✔ The challenge was encountered in the project.

  • ✘ The challenge was not encountered in the project.

  • N/A, not applicable.