Table 3

12-item evaluation of CISCs (families)

Score of outcomeDistribution of each item
Ratio of full score outcome (%)RangeMeanStandard deviationStrongly agreeSomewhat agreeNeither agree nor disagreeSomewhat disagreeStrongly disagree
Overall satisfaction73.92–109.490.98
 Want to use the CISC again77.518.
 Recommend using the CISC to families and friends80.815.
Process of counselling58.13–1514.11.38
 CISC provided a comfortable counselling situation74.
 Counsellor worked sincerely with problem87.
 Counsellor provided atmosphere in which it was easy to speak about everything65.625.
Short-term outcome of counselling51.25–1513.731.74
 Felt understood by counsellor71.824.
 Received enough information67.327.
 Problem is being resolved58.929.
Medium-term outcome of counselling31.22–108.341.46
 Feels can receive medical treatment without anxiety45.038.315.81.00.0
 Relationship with medical staff improved39.628.
Long-term outcome of counselling1–54.000.86
 Able to manage future problems34.035.427.82.80.0
Independent position of CISC63.71–54.450.81
 Helped independently of hospital rewards63.718.916.01.40.0
  • CISC, Cancer Information Support Centre.