Table 1

Background of the study respondents

Patients (n=447)Families (n=216)
Age (years)
Previous experience of using CISp<0.01
 First time25358.315772.7
 Once or twice7016.13013.9
 More than three times11125.62913.4
Could consult CISC immediatelyn.s
 Strongly agree26661.014468.6
 Somewhat agree11626.65124.3
 Neither agree nor disagree347.8104.8
 Somewhat disagree112.541.9
 Strongly disagree92.110.5
Topics discussed with cancer counsellors (multiple answers)
 About disease or symptoms30267.914568.7n.s
 About financial problems15234.26731.8n.s
 About social life6815.32813.3n.s
 About relationship with medical staff5311.92210.4n.s
 About discharge or care at home286.33818.0p<0.000
 No specific problem but willing to talk with someone6514.6199.0p<0.05
  • CIS, cancer information service; CISC, Cancer Information Support Centre.