Table 1

Non-elective admissions and bed days in last 12 months of life for children and young people (non neonates) who died an expected death, identified from child death review teams of East Midlands North—Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire

Financial year2016–2017 (12 months)2017–2018 (12 months)2018–2019 (12 months)
No of expected child deaths242929
Total admissions947856
Max per child23610
Median (IQR)2 (1–4)2 (1–4)1 (1–2)
Total bed days7171054855
Max per child107198251
Median (IQR)16 (2–55)15 (5–58)12 (1–31)
District hospital admissions522919
Max per child2366
District hospital bed days152201124
Max per child457691
Specialist hospital admissions424937
Max per child7610
Median (IQR)1 (0–3)1 (0–3)1 (0–2)
Specialist hospital bed days565853731
Max per child82198251
Median (IQR)8 (0–55)8 (0–35)8 (0–26)
Specialist hospital admissions costs£751 956*£1 140 911£830 222
Max per child£371 599£167 121
Median£13 037£12 596
(IQR)(0–£25, 845)(0–£43,394)
  • *Financial data imputed due to incomplete data and costing changes.