Table 1

Identified and analysed cases by month, as well as timing of PDSA cycles performed

MonthSeptember 18October 18November 18December 18January 19February 19March 19April 19May 19June 19July 19August 19September 19October 19November 19Total
Cases Identified (n)101195123101126684142113
Episode missing (n)20011222102106020
Meet exclusion criteria (n)14216023110212026
Final cases for analysis (n)77735166054536267
Checklist present (n)00101001044304119
Documented checklist use (n)0000102100002219
Checklist used (n)00102022044326228
Incidence of checklist use (%)0014.3040033.333.3801006066.710010041.8
Month of PDSA cycles (cycle number)1, 23
  • PDSA, plan–do–study–act.