Table 1

Aggregate pre-EQUIPPED and post-EQUIPPED PIM prescribing and specific PIM drug classes at each implementation site

(95% CI for All PIMs)*
(95% CI for All PIMs)*
P value†
Site 1
 All PIMs5.6 (5.0 to 6.3)5.1 (4.7 to 5.5)0.02
 Skeletal muscle relaxant34.436.90.44
Site 2
 All PIMs5.8 (5.0 to 6.6)5.4 (4.8 to 6.0)0.62
 Skeletal muscle relaxant21.921.30.84
Site 3
 All PIMs7.3 (6.4 to 9.2)7.5 (6.6 to 8.4)0.64
 Skeletal muscle relaxant24.514.50.04
  • *Percentages for specific PIM classes represent the % of that class among all PIM prescriptions.

  • †P value represents general time series model assuming a Poisson distribution.

  • EQUIPPED, Enhancing quality of prescribing practices for older adults discharged from the Emergency Department; PIMs, potentially inappropriate medications.