Table 1

Quality metrics

Perioperative courseQuality metric (%)TargetMeasure type
Procedure specificHaemodialysis access fistulas versus graft>60%Process
In-hospital postoperativeStroke<3%Outcome
Coronary catheterisation<5%Outcome
With two troponin levels>0.100 μg/L within 7 days of surgery<5%Outcome
Unplanned operation or angio intervention after index procedure<15%Outcome
At dischargeLength of stayOutcome
Statin order at discharge>80%Process
Antiplatelet or anticoagulant at discharge>95%Process
With anaemia (haemoglobin<80 g/L) within 48 hours of discharge<5%Outcome
With two serum glucose levels>10.0 mmol/L within 48 hours of discharge<5%Outcome
Intermediate and long-term postoperativeIncisional dehiscence or hernia within 90 days<5%Outcome
Surgical site infection within 90 days<10%Outcome
Repeat intervention within 90 days<15%Outcome
Repeat haemodialysis access surgery within 1 year<20%Outcome
Follow-up imaging surveillanceWith ≥3 imaging follow-up tests within 13 months of EVAR>90%Process
With ≥3 duplex studies within 13 months of PAD bypass with vein>90%Process
  • EVAR, Endovascular Abdominal Aortic Aneurym Repair; PAD, Peripheral Artery Disease.