Table 1

Examples of ideas from each of the six clusters

Idea numberFor me, visiting Kraftens Hus has meant …
1. Social belonging (12 ideas in total).
7A comfortable place to meet in a difficult situation
13That I can meet friends
39A place where I am viewed as a person and not a patient
2. Gaining new knowledge (8 ideas in total).
3Inspiration to get to grips with my rehabilitation
17New knowledge
44That I have gained new knowledge about diet and the importance thereof
3. Creative activities (12 ideas in total).
15Support and enjoyment through arts and crafts.
32Being able to be in a creative flow
59That I have somewhere to go on the spur of the moment where I can just breathe out, chat and maybe do a jigsaw puzzle for a while
4. Giving and receiving emotional support (17 ideas in total).
5Working through the difficulties we have experienced in life together with my friends
22That we were able to talk and get things out of our system
65That I don't have to speak, only listen to others' experiences
5. A designated space (11 ideas in total)
35Being able to be yourself without having to explain
36Enjoyable conversations
71Feeling secure
6. Coping and resilience (12 ideas in total)
41That my husband and I have gained tools to cope with parenting two children of primary school age
53That I have been able to find the energy to keep on fighting
60The opportunity to see a psychologist/social worker