Table 2

Satisfaction scores for VPC and F2F for various patient groups

Mean satisfaction score
No of patientsVPCF2FP value
All patients1004.14.5<0.001
Dissatisfied patients (<3/5)
Operative status
 Non-operative management244.04.50.033
Reason for consult
 Listed for surgery124.04.80.088
 Arrange investigation74.04.90.090
 Communicate results104.24.70.195
 Refer to therapy193.84.50.043
 Routine follow-up524.24.50.008
Consult outcome
 Discharged from clinic214.44.40.901
 Patient initiated follow-up124.04.50.160
 New follow-up appointment booked674.04.5<0.001
  • F2F, face to face; VPC, virtual phone clinic.