Table 2

Results of pooled baseline results of enrolled hospitals

Pooled data of six hospitalsBefore intervention mean±SD
Measure typeMeasures
OutcomeBoarding time*16.6±14.9
ProcessDaily consultant rounds69%±3%
Discharge before 12:00 hours16%±6%
Time till discharge265±104
Early discharge planning66%±22%
MDT review for 7 day outliers29%±3%
Seven days outliers*16.3%±7.2%
30 days outliers*19%±10%
Bed turn over*3.9±1.1
Average length of stay*6.5±2
BalancingReadmission % within 30 days*5.16%±4.75%
Bed occupancy*76.9%±8.9%
Percentage of ED patients that left without being seen LWBS*2%±1.4%
No of ED deaths*2.4±2.1
OtherNo of Admission*1699±584
No of Discharge*1767±478
No of ED visits10589±4870
  • *Pooled ean of twelve-month period January–December 2018.

  • ED, emergency department; LWBS, left without being seen; MDT, multidisciplinary team.