Table 1

Process cycle times for baseline condition and post PDSA experimentation (seconds)

Process stepBaseline conditionPDSA 1PDSA 2PDSA 3PDSA 4PDSA 5
Combining clinical assessment and vaccination processes in PODsAdministration split screen data entry methodClinical assessors supported by vaccinator computer administrationFIFO buffer queue and info/FAQs for queuing clientsMerge NBS administration with security and pinnacle administration with PODs
Security and administration(a+b)540540330330330190
Clinical assessment360
Clinical assessment and vaccination(c)480240240210150210
Total processing time(a+b+c)1020780570540480400
% Change in total processing time from baseline−23.5%−44.1%−47.1%−52.9%−60.8%
  • PDSA, plan do study act; POD, point of dispensing .