Table 4

Incidence rate ratios of outcome indicators in the study

OutcomePhasesP valueIncidence rate ratio95% CIs
LONSPhase II vs phase I0.00020.5810.429 to 0.780
LONSPhase III vs phase I0.000160.5640.411 to 0.768
CLABSIPhase II vs phase I0.6760.550.093 to 3.782
CLABSIPhase III vs phase I0.80.6360.107 to 4.342
Mortality ratePhase II vs phase I0.330.840.596 to 1.177
Mortality ratePhase III vs phase I0.81.1170.809 to 1.539
  • CLABSI, central line associated bloodstream infection; LONS, late-onset neonatal sepsis.