Table 2

Summary of Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles

PDSA cyclePDSA 1
(20 February 2018–27 February 2018)
(6March 2018–25 March 2018)
(17 April 2018–3 June 2018)
(1 August 2018–17 November 2018)
PlanImprove compliance to bundled care
  1. Awareness

  2. Resource availability

Improve compliance to scrub the hub by atleast 50% and improve usage of closed ports.Sensitisation of ANTT for new staffSustain scrub the hub along with other components.
DoTeaching sessions, display of SOP. Provision of closed ports, paper gloves in pharmacy; Availability of plastic traysTeaching sessions with video demonstration of technique of scrub the hub. Record qualitative experienceTeaching of ANTT to new staff. Display of results of HCAIDisplay of results of HCAI. 2 weekly training. ANTT made part of on-boarding unit education.
Record qualitative experience
StudyCompliance to aseptic field use, glove use and key part protection 100%. Closed ports usage was 60%. Scrub the hub not started despite training. Most nurses were not sure of ‘Scrub the hub’ techniqueAseptic field usage and glove usage compliance sustained. Decline in protection of key parts (70%). Closed ports usage improved (90%). Scrub the hub improved (46%). Qualitative experience revealed forgetfulness and improved by reminder from fellow nurseProtection of key parts compliance improved (100%). Scrub the hub improved (90%).Scrub the hub duration sustained. Drying was less compliant (72%). Sickness level of the baby determined compliance. Other components sustained
ActAdopt-aseptic field usage and glove usage.
Continue implementation of other components especially ‘Scrub the hub’.
Entry of new staff reduced compliance to protection of key parts (barrier). Continue implementation of scrub the hub.Aseptic field use, closed ports, glove use, Key part protection sustained.
Test sustaining of scrub the hub in particular. Make ANTT part of ‘on-boarding’ unit education
Continue two weekly audits and sustain.
  • ANTT, Aseptic Non-Touch Technique; HCAI, healthcare associated infection; SOP, standard operating procedure.