Table 1

Various outcome and process measures during the observation phase, intervention phase (PDSA cycles) and sustainability phase during the quality improvement programme

AUR/1000 patient daysAUR (culture negative)/1000
patient days
AUR of Vancomycin/1000 patient daysNot exposed to antibiotic (%)Stop antibiotic at 48 hours (culture/screen negative)
Stop antibiotic at 7 days (culture negative/screen positive)
Protocol compliance (starting antibiotics)
Protocol compliance (upgrading antibiotic) (%)Prolonged use of antibiotics (%)
PDSA 145731460325373605421
PDSA 243130458336060746818
PDSA 342629450385258817216
PDSA 44433805439.43236787323
PDSA 541137237284845716518
P value*0.0010.0150.030.0450.0000.0840.0470.0070.038
  • *P value (comparison done between baseline and sustainability phase) <0.05: significant,<0.01: highly significant.

  • AUR, antibiotic usage rate; PDSA, Plan–Do–Study–Act.