Table 1

Project QI Measures

MeasureDescriptionType of measureIOM domainTracking mechanism
Proper use/compliancePercentage of handoffs that meet 90% of I-PASS components correctlyProcessEfficiency/safetyObservation
Omissions during handoffPercentage of handoffs with omission of key informationOutcomeSafetyObservation
TimeHow long it takes to complete group handoffs with I-PASS as compared with group handoff prior to I-PASSBalanceTimely/efficientDocumented during group sign-out/observation
Time to dispositionTime from when a patient is signed up by an attending to when a disposition order is placedOutcomeEquitable/efficiency/patient centredInternal EMR tracking
  • Quality Improvement measures with description, type of measure, IOM domain achieved, and tracking mechanism.

  • EMR, Electronic Medical Record; IOM, Institute of Medicine.