Table 1

Overview of the lean fundamentals MOOC modules

1. Course inductionOrients participants to the learning platform functionality, course objectives and learning compact. Helps participants consider their improvement project scope.
2. Improvement kata introductionProvides a structured, four-step routine for learning and applying improvement science and helps participants establish and communicate their project.
3. Introduction to LeanIntroduces the principles of Lean and helps participants to consider how value is defined and how waste manifests within processes.
4. The building blocks of processesDemonstrates the effect of process variation and helps participants to design it out and document processes through observation and waste elimination.
5. The flows of healthcareIntroduces participants to seven flows that comprise healthcare processes and how to observe, document and process map them.
6. Workplace organisationHelps participants apply a five-step process to organise workplaces and use visual methods to design more effective, efficient and reliable processes.
7. Pursuing perfectionIntroduces a structured approach to continuous improvement through iterative experimentation using the model for improvement and PDSA.
  • MOOC, massive open online course; PDSA, plan–do–study–act.