Table 1

Australian primary healthcare quality assessment models

QA typeAimRationaleMethodOutcome
Peer review of professional performanceAssesses professional performance of individuals and practice teamProfessionals can self-regulate to improve professional performanceSystematic site visit based on systems criteria and peer reviewAssessment report only with no certificate of achievement
Practice accreditationAssess organisation and delivery of specific practice servicesPractices need to demonstrate public accountabilityPeer assessment against explicit standardsAccreditation of practice and development of systems necessary for quality improvement for medical care of clients
International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) modelImplement international norms for quality systemsQuality systems and management processes can be strengthened and standardised to achieve efficienciesAudit by ISO experts, (not peers) against generic international standardsCertificate of compliance with standards for whole-of-organisation development
  • Adapted from Buetow and Wellingham,20 2003 p. 2.