Table 2

Body part scans

Scans within sample of GP-MSK-MRIs
(342 body part scans for 306 referred patients)
Scans within all GP-MSK-MRIs
(6,621 MRI referrals)
Cervical spine11% (n=38)16.1% (n=1,071)
Thoracic spine4% (n=12)5.7% (n=377)
Lumbar spine (inc. sacrum and sacroiliac joint)28% (n=97)40% (n=2,664)
Shoulder4% (n=15)7.3% (n=484)
Elbow<1% (n=1)<1% (n=48)
Wrist/hand/fingers<1% (n=1)1.9% (n=127)
Hip6% (n=20)
(4 × cases requested bilateral imaging)
6% (n=397)
Knee40% (n=139)
(4 × cases requested bilateral imaging)
35% (n=2,345)
Ankle/foot4% (n=14)
(2 × cases requests for bilateral imaging)
8.78% (n=581)
Other (sternum, sternoclavicular, brachial plexus, thoracic inlet, axillae, clavicle, scapula, upper arm, forearm, coccyx, groin, thigh, lower leg)1% (n=5)1.3% (n=84)
  • χ2 analysis of body parts in the sample against the distribution in all scans, revealed x2=9.54, df=9 with p=0.388, that is, no significant difference, suggesting a sample representative of all MRIs.

  • GP, General practitioner (GP); MSK, musculoskeletal.