Table 4

Assessment of reporting agreement on SQUIRE items, preconsensus

Kappa95% CI (Kappa)
Rationale: What QI framework, model, concept, or theory is being used to address the problem?0.630.02−0.21 to 0.25
Description of QI team involved0.790.320.06 to 0.59
Qualitative and quantitative methods used to draw inferences from the data0.690.310.09 to 0.54
Methods for understanding variation within the data, including the effects of time as a variable0.680.360.13 to 0.57
 Process measures stated0.670.320.11 to 0.53
Measures for assessing contextual factors (that contributed to the success, failure, efficiency or cost of intervention)0.540.07−0.14 to 0.29
 Initial steps of the intervention(s) and their evolution over time (eg, time-line diagram, flow chart or table), including modifications made to the intervention during the project0.820.640.47 to 0.82
 Process measures evaluated0.650.21−0.02 to 0.45
 Contextual factors analysed0.810.390.13 to 0.64
 Limitations to internal and external validity0.920.580.28 to 0.88
 Impact of project on people and systems0.610.21−0.02 to 0.43
 Usefulness of work0.630.17−0.02 to 0.35
  • *26 articles removed due to low agreement with one individual.

  • QI, quality improvement.