Table 1

Core practices

Core practice #Description
1Designate roles among the care team and standardise workflow to provide developmental, behavioural, and social determinants of health screening, developmental health promotion, support, and resources
2Enhance anticipatory guidance with videos and materials that are focused on social emotional development and the primary caregiver–child relationship
3Use strengths-based observation, reflection and positive instructive feedback
4Outreach to parents prenatally to build relationship with family, identify concrete support needs and connect to resources
5Create opportunities for families to connect with other families
6Co-create goal setting
7Create structures to enhance team-based care and communication
8Use environments and structures to promote relationships and patient experiences including: access, group well-child visits, continuity of care, engaging physical environment (toys, books, space), electronic health record design
9Develop community partnerships with clear processes and protocols
10Provide ongoing learning for the care team and staff
11Create support for clinic teams to address burnout, stress/fatigue and retention issues