Table 1

The distributed leadership model in PReCePT: meeting the needs of the trust PReCePT teams

QuestionsStakeholder groupSuccess criteria in relation to meeting needs and contextSummary of responses
Can you describe how your team developed its implementation plan?PReCePT teams n=10Evidence of self-determined plans and absence of transactional relationsAll responses describe implementation plans created by the trust PReCePT teams with an absence of regional teams’ transactional input. However, all teams used support resources provided by leadership team.
Do you feel that PReCePT has been owned by your team or has it been a top down approach from NHS England?PReCePT teams n=10
HoM’s n=3
Obstetric MD’s n=1
Evidence of local ownership, ideally with a feeling of support from the regional team. Absence of transactional relationsHoMs and obstetric MD feel ownership had been local. PReCePT teams either say local ownership or a mixed approach with support being given by regional team.
Have you been involved as an equal partner in the regional project?PReCePT teams n=10Evidence of being an equal partner. Absence of transactional relationsNine said yes and one unsure.
Has the regional project team responded to your needs in a timely way?PReCePT teams n=10Evidence of timely response without barriersAll responses said yes, with some adding additional positive comments.
How would you describe the regional project management approach? Has it been the right approach for your team?PReCePT teams n=10Evidence of positive comments, support and absence of transactional relationsAll responses provided positive comments to approach taken, highlighting that support was there and that it worked for teams.
Were the regional management capabilities and capacities adequate?PReCePT teams n=10Evidence of positive responsesNine said yes one don’t know.
How effective was communication between the project team and the local trusts?PReCePT teams n=10Evidence of positive responsesEight positive, one not great, one reasonable.
  • HoMs, Heads of Midwifery; PReCePT, Preventing Cerebral Palsy in Preterm babies.