Table 3

Importance of barriers*, by type of general practitioner (GP) and for practice managers (PMs) (%)†

GP partnerSalaried GPTrainee GPAll GPsPMs
High level of patient demand9794859595
Too many demands from external stakeholders9693879593
Clinical staff shortages8485758477
Non-clinical staff shortages6470646558
Not having the right skill-mix in our practice to plan for or manage change5250375050
Not having enough data or insufficient types of data4344364344
Lack of skills to manage or analyse data4344314241
Not all practice GPs being fully engaged with improving care and services3843333946
Not all non-clinical staff being fully engaged with improving care and services3746413942
Communication problems within the practice2840293131
Lack of interest in improvement issues in the practice2731252835
  • *Categories of ‘much more difficult’ and ‘somewhat more difficult’ combined.

  • †Don’t know and not applicable have been excluded from the base as well as missing answers.