Table 2

Examples of issues identified by theme and solutions provided

Staff safety and well-beingWalking to cars after late shifts unsafe.Security escort to four designated car parks at set times.
Clinical strategy concernsConfusion about medical rota changes; pay and annual leave.Dedicated ICON webinar to address rota concerns with relevant stakeholders including rota coordinators and service leads.
FacilitiesInadequate facilities to wash scrubs.Dedicated new service to wash and launder scrubs on site and return within 24 hours.
Organisational and logisticsSuspension of non-COVID-19 foundation teaching.80.4% of foundation doctors felt their teaching needs were being met. ICON delivered a cross-site 6-week foundation digital teaching course after which xx% reported teaching needs were met.
Clinical (COVID-19)/patient careClarification of updated VTE prophylaxis guidelines.Single-sheet ICON summary produced and disseminated via WhatsApp groups.
  • All issues identified via Google Form system and disseminated by weekly digital forum and ICON WhatsApp group.

  • ICON, Imperial Covid cOmmunications Network; VTE, venous thromboembolism.