Table 1

Demographic information for our CF centre

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6Year 7
No of patients screened (≥12 years)102108105107118119123
No of screened patients ≥18 years
(male, female)
(42M, 37F)
88 (47M, 41F)85 (44M, 41F)85 (43M, 42F)91 (46M, 45F)90 (46M, 43F)84 (45M, 39F)
No of screened patients 12–17 years old23 (10M, 13F)20 (10M, 10F)20 (11 M, 9F)22 (15M, 7F)27 (17M, 10 F)30 (21M, 9F)39 (25M, 14F)
% centre female4947.247.645.846.643.6 (peds)43 (peds)
% centre reported ‘white’Not provided94.593.596.594.596.1 (peds)96.2 (peds)
98.9 (adult)
% centre F508del homozygousNot providedNot providedNot providedNot providedNot provided50 (peds)
44.2 (adult)
48.1% (peds)
49.5 (adult)
  • CF, cystic fibrosis; F, female; M, male.