Table 2

Outcome measures

MeasurePreimplementation (n=50)Postimplementation (n=249)P valueOR
Primary outcomes
 Time to switch* (median)15 hours 42 min4 hours 20 min0.0006NA
 No of eligible patients switched within 24 hours*32 (64%)203 (82%)0.0062.48 (1.2–5)
Secondary outcomes
 Duration of intravenous therapy (median)62 hours 45 min48 hours0.01NA
 Length of hospital admission (median)78 hours63 hours 51 min0.008NA
 Intravenous line-associated complications0 (0%)3† (1%)0.44(Undefined)
 No of patients readmitted1 (2%)8 (3%)0.651.63 (0.21–73.62)
 No of patients recommenced intravenous medication2 (4%)3 (1%)0.160.29 (0.03–3.61)
  • Bold values are statistically significant.

  • *Time and eligibility to switch from intravenous-to-oral medications after meeting guideline criteria for switch.

  • †One patient had extravasation injury and two patients had thrombophlebitis.

  • NA, not available.