Table 4

Enablers of implementing stillbirth and neonatal death audit

Health providerAudit meetings provided opportunities for teaching and learning2 Studies(9 24)
Confidentiality nature of discussion1 Study(9)
Positive atmosphere of voluntary participation and no blame1 Study(9)
Attendance of review meetings (p<0.001)1 Study(25)
Knowledge of objectives of MPDR (p<0.001)1 Study(25)
Observed improvement in maternal and newborn care (p<0.001)1 Study(25)
Strengthened responsibilities of the healthcare providers1 Study(23)
Documentation process of patient records enriched1 Study(23)
Facility providers committed to the process of reviewing1 Study(24)
FacilityExistence of MPDR committees (p<0.001)1 Study(25)
Implementation of MPDR recommendations (p<0.001)1 Study(25)
Provision of feedback (p<0.001)1 Study(25)
Created a discussion platform of deaths1 Study(23)
Discovered gaps and challenges related to deaths1 Study(23)
Corrective measures were taken after audit1 Study(23)
Improved supervision and monitoring systems1 Study(23)
NationalMPDR part of medical school curriculum1 Study(24)
National and decentralised administrative levels were both engaged in the MPDR process1 Study(24)
  • MPDR, maternal and perinatal death review.