Table 2

Structural outcomes*

Author/yearWard physical structureStaffingEquipment and suppliesTrainingService organisation
Demise, 201518Increased use of radiant warmers in NICU__Refresher training on neonatal resuscitation for midwives and physiciansImproved administration of antepartum steroids
Implementation of KMC
Using transport incubators and cellophane wraps
Stratulat, 201419____Routine audit sessions established
Adaptation of audit guidelines and tool used at national level
National level involvement in coordinating audit meetings developed 15 clinical practice protocols for neonatal care
Nakibuuka, 201222Created Space for resuscitation in labour wards and NICURecruited more anaesthetists.
Doctors involved in preoperative care
Ambu-bags and masks provided in the labour ward and newborn unitTrained midwives and doctors on labour and partograph use
Trained Intern doctors and midwives on neonatal resuscitation, respiratory distress and CPAP
New standards developed for the caesarean section decisions and disseminated
Neonatal resuscitation protocols displayed in wards
Sandakabatu, 20189___Teaching opportunities during child death review meetingsQuality improvement team established
Kidanto, 200920__Purchased New sets) of vacuum and Doppler machines120 midwives and doctors trained in the use of partograph, abnormal labour and newborn resuscitation Nurses/midwives routine CPD sessions weeklyEstablished an audit committee
Introduced daily and monthly assessments of all perinatal deaths management protocols for eclampsia and other obstetrics emergencies developed and pasted in the wards established a record tracing the patient from the labour ward to the theatre to reduce delays obstetrician on call stationed in the labour ward
Kasengele, 201721____Doctors on call slept in the hospital weekly perinatal reviews and feedback
  • *Table template was adapted from reference.27

  • CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure; CPD, Continuous Professional Development; KMC, Kangaroo mother care; NICU, neonatal intensive care unit.