Table 2

Learners’ satisfaction with the course

StatementsParticipants who agreed or strongly agreed to the statements in post-course surveys
I learnt a lot from taking part in the MOOC127 (86%)1290 (81%)
I am able to apply what I learnt from the course124 (84%)1485 (94%)
I am already applying my learning from this course in practice*634 (81%)
What I have learnt from taking the course will make a real difference in my workplace116 (78%)1289 (81%)
The course improved my understanding of quality improvement in health and social care131 (89%)1402 (88%)
The course has given me the tools to carry out quality improvement in health and social care124 (84%)1411 (89%)
  • Data presented as n (%) unless otherwise indicated.

  • *Some missing data: this statement was introduced midway into 2018/2019 course. % calculation based on 781 learners who responded to this question.

  • MOOC, massive open online course.