Table 1

Baseline data of record-keeping standards (in %)

StandardDescriptionMay 2017December 2017May 2018April 2019July 2019
2No. of pages with first and last name49575658100
No. of pages with hospital identification/NHS number42424651100
3No. of pages with standardised structure/layout93100100100100
4No. admissions filed in chronological order901009090100
5Admission/clerking proforma completed60707090100
Discharge letter present90100100100100
Proforma correctly completed8090100100100
6Date recorded879692100100
Time recorded88878284100
Printed name/signature49626487100
Printed grade51345076N/A
8Most senior person recorded75534737100
  • N/A, Not Applicable; NHS, National Health Service.