Table 3

Our second PDSA cycle

  • Obtain three new computer terminals by explaining a lack of terminals was contributing to poor completion rates.

  • Sustain momentum for change.

Project teamJanuary 2017
  • The terminals are introduced to the department.

  • Induction training for new doctors is ongoing.

Doctors in the department, IT departmentMarch 2017
  • Discharge summary completion rates improved from <10% to 84% in the 2 months following the introduction.

  • Historical backlog was cleared in March 2017.

  • Analyse feedback on project so far from coalition.

Project team and coalitionApril–May 2017
  • Aim to provide solutions to problems highlighted by the coalition.

  • Plan to phase out the paper-based system.

Project teamMay 2017
  • IT, information technology.