Table 2

Our first PDSA cycle

  • Evaluate all steps involved in completing discharge summaries. Prepare a list of steps involved.

  • Arrange for doctors to receive training in use of electronic discharge summary software while we are still using paper-based summaries.

Project teamJuly 2016
  • Doctors receive the training delivered by the IT department.

  • Work begins on clearing historical backlog.

Doctors, IT departmentTraining sessions were held between August and October 2016, coinciding with new juniors joining the department in August 2016.
  • 86% of doctors working in the department received the training.

  • Obtain feedback from doctors regarding the utility of the training.

  • As expected, training does not increase completion rates as we were still using an interim paper-based system.

  • Identify further barriers to change with a second coalition meeting—lack of computer terminals identified as a barrier.

Project team and coalitionNovember 2016
  • Training was made a part of induction for new doctors joining the department.

  • Clarify queries from coalition members.

  • Plan to obtain new computer terminals.

Project team and coalitionDecember 2016
  • IT, information technology.