Table 1

Healthcare provider trainings

Core elementPrimary care providersClinic staff
 (1) Rationale
  • Behavioural health (BH) is a key part of overall health

  • BH is intertwined with physical health

    • for example, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure

  • Primary care clinics are important settings for managing BH

    • %% of patients present to PC settings w/ BH concerns

    • %% of patients receive BH care in PC settings

    • %% individuals who complete suicide has been seen in PC w/in past ## months

(2) Technical knowledge
  • Enhancing familiarity with standardised measures, including how to read results

  • Managing screener results within the electronic health record

  • How to use the electronic rating scale system, including how it interfaces w/ electronic health record

  • How to manage error messages that commonly arise in the electronic system

  • How to manage workflow based on the PHQ-2 response

(3) Providing language
  • Language for providing feedback to patients based on rating scale results

  • Interviewing techniques used in behavioural health (eg, asking open-ended questions as opposed to yes/no questions)

  • Using a strengths-based approach

  • Language for introducing measure (eg, describing the concept of ‘behavioural health vital signs’)

  • How to address patient concerns about completing the screener

(4) Providing follow-up
  • Providing education on

    • Suicide assessments

    • Creating safety plans

    • Recommending coping strategies

    • Providing appropriate referrals

  • Clinic staff were provided a general overview of the follow-up training provided to primary care providers, given that staff may be more motivated to administer the screener appropriately on the front-end if they know how the information is being used to improve patient care

(5) Taking a collaborative approach
  • Having discussion-based portions of trainings in addition to more formal presentations on the tool

  • Recognising provider and clinic staff expertise in the primary care setting

  • Asking for provider and clinic staff feedback on the tool

  • PC, primary care; PHQ-2, Patient Health Questionnaire-2.