Table 1

Comparison of SUNY Downstate CTS team to national benchmarks: to establish a baseline, we administered the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture to the CTS team in July 2018

SUNY Downstate CTS July 2018 (%)AHRQ National Average (%)
1. Problems do not occur in the exchange of information across hospital units.2647
2. Things do not ‘fall between the cracks’ when transferring patients from one unit to another.2342
3. Hospital units work well with each other to provide the best care for patients.2372
4. There is good cooperation among hospital units that need to work well with each other.3362
5. Hospital units coordinate well with each other.2649
  • Benchmark comparisons reflect results from 630 hospitals nationwide.

  • AHRQ, Agency for Health Care Research and Quality; CTS, cardiothoracic surgery.