Table 1

Demographic information of interview participants and of all physicians who receive the MyPractice: Long-term Care report from Ontario Health (Quality)

Demographic informationInterviews,
n (%/mean)
Physicians who receive the long-term care report from Ontario Health (Quality)
# of participants18361
 Female4 (22%)113 (31.3%)
 Male14 (78%)248 (68.7%)
Medical director (in at least one facility)10 (56%)
Years in practice (mean)2.5–52 years (27)29 years (mean)
Years working in nursing homes (mean)2–52 years (18)
# of homes (mean)1–6 (2)
 Urban13 (72%)
 Rural4 (22%)
 Both1 (6%)
# of residents64–350
Work in another setting15 (83%)
# of reports received to date
 Since the report began
4 (22%)
 1–2 years6 (33%)
 A few years8 (44%)