Table 2

Outcomes of implementation of the Choosing Wisely recommendations of internal medicine in the emergency departments

Control period
Intervention period
P value
1. Do not place an indwelling urinary catheter in non-critically ill patients who can void
Inappropriate indication for insertion of urinary catheters5/28 (17.9%)4/16 (25.0%)0.572
2. Don’t order plain abdominal X-rays in patients with acute abdominal pain
Abdominal X-rays performed for acute abdominal pain1/26 (3.8%)0/25 (0.0%)>0.999
3. Discuss treatment limitations when talking to patients about treatment options
No reported treatment limitations in hospitalised patients13/200 (6.5%)17/191 (8.9%)0.373
No reported discussion of treatment limitations in hospitalised patients41/200 (20.5%)42/191 (22.0%)0.719