Table 1

Key component activities of the hospital-wide initiative to reduce HAI and sepsis mortality

Application and approval of programme.
Development of detailed gap analysis and intervention design.
Identification of specific interventions, establishment of teams and governance structures.
Clinician and stakeholder engagement.
Communication and awareness campaign.
Participation in regional quality transformational collaborative.
Training of key managers, leaders and personnel in quality improvement methods.
Implementation of CLABSI, CAUTI and SSI bundles, and sepsis bundle.
Electronic medical record-based clinical decision support.
Data collection and dissemination.
Standardised curriculum and educating healthcare personnel on bundles of care.
  • Shaded area represents the duration of each activity.

  • CAUTI, catheter-associated urinary tract infection; CLABSI, central line-associated bloodstream infection; HAI, healthcare-associated infection; SSI, surgical site infection.