Table 2

Performance on key hospital-wide process measures during the initiative to reduce HAI and sepsis mortality

Process measure20132014201520162017Estimate*95% CIP value
Urinary catheter utilization ratio†−0.003 to 0.0050.63
Number of urine cultures performed per 1000 patient-days59113981051000.0800.075 to 0.084<0.0001
Adherence to urinary catheter maintenance bundle (%)n/mn/m619397
Central venous catheter utilization ratio† to 0.048<0.0001
Number of blood cultures performed per 1000 patient-days841741741771740.1180.115 to 0.121<0.0001
Adherence to central line maintenance bundle (%)n/mn/m909999
Correct timing of perioperative antibiotics (%)n/mn/mn/m9999
Patients who received chlorhexidine wipes night before surgery (%)n/mn/mn/m80n/m
Patients who received chlorhexidine wipes morning of surgery (%)n/mn/mn/m95n/m
Adherence to sepsis 3-hour bundle (%)20343137350.0950.071 to 0.120<0.0001
Adherence to sepsis 6-hour bundle (%)4107n/mn/m
Adherence to overall sepsis bundle (%)14262532340.1660.139 to 0.194<0.0001
  • *Estimate=Poisson regression estimate for reduction over 5 years.

  • †Utilization ratio=number of catheter-days divided by number of patient-days of care.

  • HAI, healthcare-associated infection; n/m, not measured.