Table 1

Provider demographics and knowledge of HIV screening guidelines and perceived barriers

Provider demographicsNo.
Internal medicine7
Family medicine13
Average age (years)40.4
Average years of practice9
Survey dataNo. (%)
I am familiar with the CDC and USPSTF guidelines for HIV screening
 Strongly agree and agree16 (84%)
 Neither agree nor disagree, disagree, and strongly disagree3 (16%)
I feel comfortable screening my patients for HIV
 Strongly agree and agree19 (100%)
 Neither agree nor disagree, disagree, and strongly disagree0 (0%)
Which best describes your HIV screening practice?
 I screen all patients, with more frequent screening based on risk factors11 (58%)
 I screen my patients only if there are risk factors5 (26%)
 I screen my patients once, regardless of risk factors2 (11%)
 I do none of the above statements1 (5%)
On average, I screen __ patients for HIV in a given month
 Fewer than 53 (16%)
 5–107 (37%)
 11–205 (26%)
 More than 204 (21%)
What are the barriers for you in screening patients for HIV? (select all that apply)
 Competing priorities11 (58%)
 Insufficient time8 (42%)
 Lack of perceived risk for patient7 (37%)
 Cultural barriers4 (21%)
 Fear/concern of offending patient4 (21%)
 Burdensome consent process4 (21%)
 Lack of provider knowledge/training1 (5%)
 Discomfort discussing sexual history and identifying high-risk individuals0 (0%)
 Uncertain follow-up and disclosures of test results (specifically if positive)0 (0%)
  • CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; USPSTF, United States Preventive Services Task Force.