Table 3

Summary of lessons learnt aligned to levels of Kirkpatrick model

VALSC is strengthening connections within and between transformational change teamsVALSC is empowering workforce across the system with transformation and change skills which are being applied to health and care challengesVALSC is helping teams to engage with their stakeholders better
  • Increased team bonding and space to reflect.

  • Independent and constructive challenge.

  • Greater clarity of shared goals.

  • Sharing with and learning from peers.

  • Appreciation of how to effect change in complex contexts.

  • Equipped with an approach and a set of tools.

  • Increased confidence about transformational change.

  • Teams creating permission to innovate.

  • Improved communication with stakeholders.

  • Gained strategic/management buy-in.

  • VALSC, Virtual Academy of Large-Scale Change.