Table 2

Summarised inducements and intervention contents of concrete improvement intervention topics

Improvement intervention topic*Inducem*entIntervention contents
Neonatal mortality (2/8)High neonatal mortality ratesRoot cause analysis, auditing of all perinatal deaths, a creation of a separate newborn unit, minor renovations and improving of IPC practices
Completeness of partograph (4/6)Low percentages of sampled partographs correctly filledConduction of Continuing Medical Education for staff and the institution of monitoring
Waiting times (2/8)Longer than promised to clients waiting timesIntroduction of a customer desk, the sensitisation of all departments and units and an overall introduction of customer flow systems
IPC (5/5)IPC not meeting the required standardsTraining and implementation of 5S, training on root cause analysis, improvement in IPC practices and a carrying out of regular assessments
Shortages of staffing and transportation in remote areas (2/8)Transferring out of staff and a poor public transport systemImprovement on the referral system, establishment of a good communication with coordination of ambulances, attendance to all emergency cases within 45 min and the possibility of referral
  • *In brackets: number of facilities with a particular improvement intervention (intervention group) / without that particular intervention (focusing therefore on their chosen interventions) (non-intervention group) of the total 10 facilities.

  • IPC, infection prevention control.