Table 3

Comparison of indicator change for intervention and non-intervention group related to the different improvement intervention topics

Improvement interventionMean values of the comparable indicators in % at T1, T2, % of change (T2-T1) and p value of the facilities of the intervention and non-intervention group (all significant changes p<α (α=0.05) are highlighted)
Intervention group (T1, T2 :percentage)Non-intervention group
T1T2changeP valueT1T2changeP value
Neonatal mortality46.4188.7442.33<0.000146.0761.6415.570.0007
Completeness of partographs64.1784.1119.940.145157.1353.3−3.830.7370
Waiting times51.5090.9139.410.049081.3477.693.650.6232
Shortages of staffing and transport in remote areas44.4676.4632.000.019459.1873.3214.140.0180
  • Bold values in table 3 refer to all significant changes.

  • IPC, infection prevention control.