Table 2

Project team aims and change ideas mapped against change concepts

TeamProjectChange ideas testedChange concept used
Bedford CAMHSWithdrew prior to testing
City and Hackney CAMHS ADHD TeamTo reduce the average length of time from 'referral to the service' to 'ADHD assessment feedback' to 12 weeks by September 2018Sending out a screening pack at the point of referral to be returned before first appointment71.Change the order of process steps
School Observations to be done for complex cases only16.Find and remove bottlenecks
Using the Special Needs Assessment Profile (SNAP) screening instead of longer Conners with schools8.Match the amount to the need
Using checklist to discuss and allocate referrals to staff51.Standardisation (create a formal process)
Single clinicians from the pathway to do assessment clinics with ADHD referrals within a 5 week time frame.11.Change targets or set points
City and Hackney CAMHS Crisis TeamTo improve service user experience within the Crisis Pathway by 20% on feedback questionnaire by December 2018Redesigning Care Plans with service users38.Listen to customers
Redesigning information provided to service users34.Focus on core process and purpose
Newham CAMHS Emotional and Behavioural TeamTo reduce the length of time that young people spend in treatment by 25% (1 year to 9 months) by December 2018Closure Days for Staff to close off cases29.Take care of basics
Split Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) meetings into smaller groups19.Do tasks in parallel
Developing a diary system to book MDT discussion in advance23.Match inventory to predicted demand
Tower Hamlets CAMHS Triage TeamTo reduce the average wait time from receipt of referral to decision made within front door team by 20% before December 2018Daily discussions for new referrals16.Find and remove bottlenecks
Developing system to highlight breaches55.Develop contingency plans
Duty staff to screen breaches35.Share risks
Tower Hamlets CAMHS Neurodevelopmental TeamTo reduce waiting time from referral to receipt of assessment report to 16 weeks by Feb 2019Observers to write Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule reports after assessments49.Extend specialist’s time
Standardised template for writing up reports51.Standardisation (create a formal process)
  • CAMHS, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.