Table 3

Incidence and percentages of AEs (ie, new or worsening symptoms) from chiropractor, patient/caregiver and both in the active surveillance group, stratified by patient visit and unique patients

Active surveillance AE report*—responders onlyAEs per patient visit
(n=1056 patient visits), %
AEs per unique patient
unique patients), %
Patient/caregiver reported onlySelf-assessed as worse or new symptom only6 (0.6)6 (0.9)
Pre-difference and post-difference found worsening symptom only24 (2.3)24 (3.6)
Symptom reported by both self-assessment and predifference and postdifference2 (0.2)2 (0.3)
Chiropractor reported only33 (3.1)25 (3.8)
Both patient/caregiver and chiropractor reported1 (0.1)1 (0.2)
Totals65 (6.2)58 (8.8)
  • *Where a given AE was reported by more than one source, it was counted only once.

  • AE, adverse event.