Table 1

Findings of multivariable logistic model describing characteristics associated with response to the post-treatment questionnaire: ORs and 95% CIs

Crude OR95% CIAdjusted OR95% CI
Pre-form completed by, mother1.001.00 to to 1.00
Numerical Pain Rating Scale, mean (SD)0.920.88 to 0.960.920.87 to 0.97
Child gender, female1.001.00 to to 1.00
Child age, mean (SD)1.041.02 to to 1.07
Pre-symptom, none
 10.880.71 to to 1.34
 2 or more0.730.59 to 0.900.950.71 to 1.26
No of prior treatment, first visit
 1–9 prior visits0.780.63 to 0.960.850.67 to 1.07
 10 or more prior visits0.950.72 to 1.260.940.70 to 1.27
Medication use, none1.001.00 to to 1.00
Natural health product use, none1.001.00 to to 1.00
Visit fees covered by, self-pay1.001.00 to to 1.00
Study repeat visit, 1
 2–4 visits0.990.82 to to 1.28
 5+ visits1.691.26 to 2.261.941.40 to 2.68
  • R2-1.1%.

  • Items in bold print were statistically significant (p<0.05).

  • *If patients were seen more than once, response status was determined by whether they returned their first visit’s post-treatment questionnaire.